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TAKARATOMY 2018年3月發售: Diaclone Reboot DA-20 Powered Suit System Set Type E 2,500Yen http://www.taghobby.com/archives/237897 在 Facebook 查看更多有關

Taghobby為大家搜羅全球第一手消息,不停為大家報導最喜歡的資訊。提供最新的玩具模型評測報告、展覽會報導及訪問令大家更深入了解及掌握商品訊息! 經過一年時間,Taghobby已成為全球其中之一個最受歡迎的ACG資訊網站。

TAKARATOMY – DIACLONE 新戰力Cosmo Battles 02 於2020年發售! https://www.taghobby.com/archives/397723 Sentinel co.,ltd (株式会社千値練)

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TAKARATOMY 2018年3月發售: Diaclone Reboot DA-20 Powered Suit System Set Type E 2,500Yen http://www.taghobby.com/archives/237897 Sentinel co.,ltd (株式会社千

Taghobby於2013年10月9日面世,集合Yahoo Blog年代香港實力派人仕創辦的新網上玩具模型、動漫、遊戲娛樂資訊網站。TAG包含TOY(T)、Anime(A)及Game(G)的意思,只要大家」tag」住Taghobby網站,便可得到最快Hobby消息。

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TAKARATOMY 2018年3月發售: Diaclone Reboot DA-19 BIG POWERED GV連結 戰鬥卡車 9,000Yen http://www.taghobby.com/archives/237884

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20/1/2020 · I just thought it would have been priced similar to the sky jacket set. Like @HolyCulture, it’s likely I will get one, if only for the connector/adaptor part to allow for greater cross compatibility. It’s up on amazon.jp, not much of a bargain compared to NA e-tailers, but

10/9/2019 · Ooof and with that I think I’m going to have to put Diaclone on the back burner. That is just a tad too rich for me right now. It’d be easier to swallow if Tridigger was bigger then the other two or came with more accessories, but it doesn’t. Was super stoked but

25/10/2019 · In hand pics of TriDasher and Dia Women [試玩報告] DIACLONE DA-40&41 TRIVERS TRIDASHER & DIA-WOMAN NAUTS SET | Taghobby.com Correct, that listing is just for the Red Lightning Cosmo Battles 02 Well, it is a TT Mall exclusive, so won’t be on AMJ.

2/12/2019 · It’s definitely got some interesting/different shapes to it but I’m in for one, just gotta decide between standard and shadow color schemes, I wish the shadow colors didn’t cost $40 more. Your in hand pics make the normal color schemes seem more appealing than

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23/6/2017 · Takara’s Diaclone page got a little update with the Diaclone Expo exclusives. I used the Google Translate to read the page and there’s a little bit on the bottom about the 2 methods these can be purchased. One being at the show and i guess on TTM as well. Which

Taghobby為大家搜羅全球第一手消息,不停為大家報導最喜歡的資訊。提供最新的玩具模型評測報告、展覽會報導及訪問令大家更深入了解及掌握商品訊息! 經過一年時間,Taghobby已成為全球其中之一個最受歡迎的ACG資訊網站。

GOODSMILE 2017年9月22日起接受預約,2018年3月發售: Nendoroid《騎士&魔法》艾爾涅斯帝·埃切貝里亞 4,800 Yen 連稅 http://www.taghobby.com

Taghobby為大家搜羅全球第一手消息,不停為大家報導最喜歡的資訊。提供最新的玩具模型評測報告、展覽會報導及訪問令大家更深入了解及掌握商品訊息! 經過一年時間,Taghobby已成為全球其中之一個最受歡迎的ACG資訊網站。

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